Honolulu, HI Information Technology Solutions

Our vision is to deliver customer focused, cost effective and rapid solutions to complex business problems and to make sure that our solution continually supports our client's business strategy, capitalizes on technology innovation, differentiates their business, and outpaces the competition.


PARTNERS & NETWORKS | Covaylence Communications works closely with an extensive network of partners. Our partnering agreements include business collaboration, joint project teams, vendors, and outsourcing. We leverage our strong network of partnerships to ensure that our clients receive optimum value, pricing, and service.data services. We pride ourselves on being 100% hands on and responsive to our clients.

GLOBAL NETWORK | In addition to domestic collaboration, Covaylence Communications maintains global partnerships, to supplement our global presence and the requirements of our clients.

NEW PARTNERS | If your company would like to partner with Covaylence Communications, we would be happy to hear from you. Please email us at info@covaylence.com. Contact us today. We'd like to learn how technology supports your business and our representative can help you take your technology investment to new levels of performance.