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Server Virtualization - Covaylence Communications Solutions - Honolulu, HI - Internet Wide Area Networking

Server Virtualization - As enterprises grow, IT organizations must rapidly add computing capacity-often in the form of new servers with a variety of operating environments. The resulting server sprawl is costly in terms of capital and people needed to operate, manage, and upgrade new servers. Server consolidation provides a solution for these problems. Virtual infrastructure enables workload isolation and granular resource control for all of the system’s computing and I/O resources.

Internet - Whether your business requires a complex global infrastructure or simple domestic connectivity, CCSI supports a wide range of internet solutions; our team works hand-in-hand with you to research and interpret the technology options available and the scalability, security, performance, and cost of each. Connectivity options include OC-3, Ethernet, DS-3, DS-1, Fractional DS-1 and DSL.

Wide-Area Networking - Business rely on our industry knowledge, experience, technical expertise, and carrier relationships to deploy networks that meet the challenges of today’s evolving business requirements. Technology managers are under pressure to analyze infrastructure requirements, our clients find comfort in knowing that they have a strategic business partner with a business model that includes diverse technical and budgetary options for network optimization and management, including MPLS, IPVPN, frame relay, ATM, private DSL and private line services.

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